Copy of Womb Wisdom Wednesdays - fibroidsUterine Fibroids what are they and why the heck am I bringing it up right now?

Uterine Fibroids are noncancerous growths or masses in the muscular tissue of the uterus.  And fibroids a common gynecologic condition among women, it’s not normal and are the primary reason for hysterectomy for US Women.

According to Black Woman’s Health Imperative, over a lifetime:

80% of black women and 70% of white women will develop fibroids.

And relative to white women, black women are 2-3x more likely:

-to have fibroids,

-to develop them at younger ages,

-to have bigger fibroids, to have more fibroids, and

-to have more symptoms.

Rate of hospitalization for fibroids is 3x higher for black women than white women. The reasons for the increased risk of fibroids in black women are not well understood, although researchers continue to search for answers.

Some researcher believe it has to do with low levels of Vitamin D.  In my practice, I have treated many women with fibroids of all races and it got me wondering why black women seem more susceptible.  Then many moons ago, I learned about Epigenetics.  Basically, the egg that created you was being developed in you mom’s ovaries when she was in utero in your grandma.

So not only genetically could you be passed down both good and not so good genes, but experientially, you could be passed down some pretty intense traumatic experiences as well.

So, when talking to my African American female clients about womb health, I often say to them that they may be carrying the burdens, pain and suffering of generations of women, including ancestors who had been slaves. And as a result, pain and pathology can occur in a black women’s womb, including fibroids.

Fibroids can cause disabling problems for black women. They are more likely to have severe pelvic pain and anemia (a low red blood cell count) due to heavy bleeding.  A 2012 national survey of women with symptomatic fibroids revealed that black women were more likely to have other severe symptoms including:

  • Heavy or prolonged periods;
  • Menstrual cramps;
  • Passage of blood clots during their period;
  • Painful intercourse;
  • Interference with physical activities;
  • Interference with daily and social activities;
  • Interference with relationships; and
  • Missed days of work.

What can be done about it?

Western medicine would suggest a hysterectomy (partial or full removal of reproductive organs).  However, there are Holistic and Natural ways to heal fibroids (depending on the size) such as the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®.  An Arvigo® Practitioners will not only provide you with a incredibly powerful and healing session, but empower you with holistic health care suggestions such as dietary or movement lifestyle changes and self-care tools to help you heal.  Sessions may also include castor oil packs or add in va-jj- steaming.

So, you if you want a safe space to express how you are feeling, to start healing those epigenetic wounds and let go of some of the fear and anxiety you may have been feeling lately, then find an Arvigo® Practitioner near you at

Please note that, unfortunately, many of us Arvigo® Practitioners had to shut down during COVID and some of us are still shut-down (like me in California), but all around the globe other practitioners are re-opening.

I hope you give yourself permission to heal, so you can continue to do the work in the world that you were meant to do in this world!

Womb Wisdom Wednesdays…Divinity Speaks

www and divinity

So today I asked what would keep my womb, my fertility and other reproductive wellness clients’ wombs, the collective womb, healthy.

And I pulled a Susan Eleanor Boulet Goddess card and it read:

Mary is most closely allied to the Middle Eastern moon goddesses; like them, she is a creator goddess. Associated with both the heavens and the sea or other waters, she is worshiped by Catholics as the Moon of the Church and as “Stella Maris,” the Star of the Sea. The moment of the annunciation is when she confronts the truth of her own great creativity, symbolized by Gabriel, the angel of truth, made from fire. This is the moment at which she accepts the imperative to create, the need to bring forth life from the very center of her being.

Mary is the goddess as WOMB, as source of all life and of regeneration.

She is the mother of mercy and infinite compassion toward oneself fosters creativity; she reminds us to BE GENTLE WITH OURSELVES!


Womb Wisdom Wednesdays…TTC

www and TTC

As a former TTCer (trying to conceive), I know all to well that primal urge to have a baby and how you can feel frustrated, stressed and crazed with that emotional roller coaster you have been on with your fertility challenges.

And around the holidays it can be even worse!

I know this overwhelming journey all too well both personally and professionally. If you are a strong and ambitious soul this journey, then my heart goes out to you.

First of all, please know that you are not alone as 1 in 5 couples TTC are having challenges.

Secondly, you have the innate ability to heal and be healthy.

Thirdly, you have all the womb wisdom you need to be an optimally and holistically person to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy. You may just need some guidance to empower you to get back to that space.

If you want or need such guidance, then let my personal and 13 year Holistic Fertility Expertise empower you to feel calm, confident and in control of your fertility journey.

Apply for a Discovery Call to find out if we are a good fit to work together:

Confessions of An Angry Uterus Part II

Angry Uta with thought bubble

Burdens, Burdens, Burdens,

I have harbored you all

Burdens for myself, Burdens for others,

Burdens for loved ones

I have carried all your anger and resentment

I have carried all your deep grief

I have carried all your sickness

I have carried your fear and anxiety

I have carried your guilt and your shame

I am tired of harboring and carrying it all for many

Over the years, I have given myself permission to say NO to many!

As a caring loving womb, I have learned say, “I love you and…

I give you back your burdens and the responsibility to attend to them!

I will listen and I will hold safe space

I empower you take responsibility for your burdens and tools to transform them

I will still set appropriate boundaries!

I will express to excess!

I will learn and process!

Now, I give myself permission to LET GO!

LET GO of the residual burdens, aches, pains,

LET GO of fears, guilt, shame

LET GO of the whatnot that no longer serves me!

And now to I fill myself up with more joy, love, and sweetness!

From Uta, my Uterus to Yours on Mother’s Day

Sad uta I want a baby

Hi fellow Uterii who are trying to conceive a baby and are struggling!

I know all to well how hard it is to want a baby be conceived, grow inside of you, feel him or her move inside of you, and to give birth to that lovely and healthy child!

It’s even harder, today, because it’s Mother’s Day! And my heart goes out to you!

Please know that you are not alone! Not only have I experienced this heart breaking struggle, but 1 in 8 and maybe even more these days like 1 in 5 couples trying to conceive are having fertility challenges!

Also, please know that there are natural and holistic approaches to help you feel calm, confident and in control of your fertility journey.  Feel free to contact Genevieve (the person whom I’m (uta, her uterus) within, to learn  about her Holistic Fertility Treatments at

But for now, consider yourself understood, I know and I feel your pain!  And my heart goes out to you!  And if you want some Empowering & Holistic tools on How to go from M.O.P.E. (Mental, Other Worldly/Spirtual, Physical, and Emotional distress) to COPE on Mother’s Day, feel free to contact her at

Sending you lots of loving and healing energy!




Your Uterus Is Your First Brain & Why Having a Tipped Uterus May Affect Your Fertility

Uterus is your first brain and fertility v4

Ancient Mayan Belief that the Woman’s First Brain is her uterus.  And if she (her uterus) is not in the right position, tilted, tipped, displaced or prolapsed then the woman will be off-balance some way, somehow either mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually and may be affecting her fertility.

On a purely physical level, if you uterus is tipped, tilted, or prolapsed, then it has a hard time getting the blood out, so then you may have severe cramps to get the blood out.

Secondly, on a physical level, the uterus contains hormone receptors that communicate with the rest of the body what to do with all your hormones.  So, if there is old coagulated blood in the uterus, then then hormone receptors can not communicate efficiently.

Good News! There is The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® to help get your first brain back in alignment and increase your fertility with a very holistic (mind/body/spirit/emotion) approach to health, well-being and fertility enhancement.  For more info about The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, click here.

Stay tuned for more reasons Why a tipped uterus may be affecting your fertility?

Confessions of an Angry Uterus…

Uta angry

So, for the last 8 years I, Uta, Genevieve’s Uterus, I have grown bigger and bigger and have hardened immensely.  Genevieve believes that not only was I enlarged, but that we possibly created a huge fibroid in front of me that occasionally would sit on her bladder.

In the past, when Genevieve menstruated, she used to have really intense pain, had huge clots the size of her hand, she bled profusely for at least 3 days and sometimes vomit. She was getting treated with acupuncture, on and off, was pretty good about doing her castor oil packs and self-care massage, but didn’t always get her massages regularly, rarely received an Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™, and she had a tendency to take on the energy, emotions or burdens of other people.  Over the years, Genevieve got better at taking care of herself.

Having this condition was a major inconvenience. She would have to frequently urinate or would accidently urinate when laughing.  With this, she felt embarrassed that this was happening and she couldn’t control the “tee-hee pee-pee” and she felt guilty for not being better to herself.

More recently, when Aunt Flow comes, I am so engorged with blood that it presses this supposed fibroid out so much that Genevieve looks about 5 months pregnant.  There are times when she could barely breathe and other times when she felt like her bowels were being obstructed. It was until then that she felt like this was becoming a real problem.

I, Uta, am enlarged to approximate 5” wide and 6” tall.  And I feel like that this fibroid or this Adenomyosis represents a lot ANGER and resentment.

At who am or what am I so angry? I am partially angry at the hyper conservative, puritanical views on sex and sexuality. I feel like this restriction on sex and sexuality contributes to a lot of sexually repressed people, which in turn makes for some pretty unhappy and angry people.  I feel like if more people would realize that sex can be a natural beautiful act between consenting humans, and then more people would enjoy it.  Thus, less people would be so uptight and agro.

And being empath, Genevieve has had the tendency to take on these angry feelings from society, from her partner, and her family.

She has learned that it’s incredible important to fully express herself and keeping releasing all this negative energy so that she doesn’t host this anger in ME, her uterus! She is learning to fully feel, experience, emote, express, learn, process all that she needs to and then, FULLY LET IT GO and integrate it all!

So, if you have a lot of reproductive issues, remember that you uterus may be telling you something! And you should listen to her!

Stay Tuned for more Confessions from an Angry Womb!

I, Your Uterus, am Your First Brain!

Uterus first brain v.3

I, Uta, am Genevieve’s Uterus.  And Genevieve, finally in 2005, figured out that I was her First Brain, according to the Mayan Culture.  And if I am not in the right position or tipped, tilted, prolapsed, then Genevieve will not be “in the right position” or off kilter either mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually!

In other words, if I, Genevieve’s Uterus is unhealthy or unhappy then Genevieve will be unhealthy or unhappy as well.

Let’s face it, ladies, our hormones pretty much govern how we feel, act, see, think, and hear. So, your UTERINE HEALTH is IMPORTANT!

Good News!  Genevieve took the the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® Self Care class back in 2005, where she connected with me and was empowered to heal me!

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®  is an external and non-invasive modern day modality based on ancient Mayan massage techniques that repositions internal organs that may have shifted and restricted the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi energy. As with any other natural healing, The Arvigo® Therapy seek to restore the body to its natural balance.

If you want to more about how to take better care of me so you can be more holistically healthy then, click here.





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