February – The Month of Self-Love and Self-Care – Part 1


In the past Genevieve dedicated February as Self Love Month and she is continuing to do so.

Presented are written instructions for and contraindications of doing the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Self-Care.  Again, if you would like Genevieve to show you or remind you in person, please do not hesitate to contact Genevieve at 619-865-6619 or email at gen@gentouchmassage.com .

Please note: These instructions are written for females.  If you are a male and would like written instructions, please do not hesitate to contact Genevieve at the contact information above.



Please read the contraindication warning at the end of these instructions before you start your care.  Empty your bladder before you start your massage.  Wear loose comfortable clothing with no zippers or buttons. This can also be done on bare skin with massage oil.  Create a quiet, peaceful environment to relax for 5-10 minutes.  Lie on your back. You may choose to place a pillow under your knees or buttocks. Breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes until you feel relaxed.


Bring both of your hands together, tucking one thumb under the other and bring all eight of your fingers close together, slightly bent, and relaxed so that your hands look like a soft hoe.

With your index fingers pressed together, locate the place on the middle of the pubic bone that has a slight indent.  Place both of your index fingers on that indent. Your thumbs are crossed and tucked between the two index fingers and your eight fingers come together as one.  Slide off the pubic bone slightly, keeping the tops of your fingers in contact with the pubic bone. Press deeply into the soft tissue above the pubic bone.

If the uterus is dropped too low or if it is folded then you will feel resistance like a balloon filled with water. The intention is to hook your fingers around the uterus and stroke gently, but deeply up toward the umbilicus (belly button) as you were shown.  Stop half way between your pubic bone and umbilicus.  There will be a total of 30 strokes: 3 sets of 3 strokes in the center and 3 sets of 3 strokes on each side and then 1 set of 1 stroke in the center and on each side.

If the uterus is in position, you will feel a deep empty space and your fingers will be deeper than the pubic bone.  It is still beneficial to perform the 30 strokes to help keep the uterus in place and to promote the flow of blood, lymph and chi to the pelvic organs.

Finish by massaging the lymph nodes in the groin and stroking the lymph chain from the mid-thigh up towards the abdomen.

For the UPPER ABDOMEN and The Month of Self-Love and Self-Care (Part II), see my next post.


  1. After abdominal surgery. (You must wait for your physician’s clearance to receive an abdominal massage)
  2. If you are under treatment for pelvic/abdominal cancer or infection.
  3. If you are trying to conceive a baby, then you can do the lower portion of the self-care only post menses and up until ovulation. (Consult your ATMAT practitioner)
  4. First trimester of pregnancy. (Consult your ATMAT practitioner)
  5. If intense pain or discomfort occurs during self-care massage.
  6. While taking pain medications that may mask the discomfort during massage.
  7. Intense emotional upheavals during or after massage.  (In this case, you may want to be with a professional for treatment, one who can help you through the gates of emotional healing)
  8. Sudden onset of abdominal pain. (You should be evaluated by your ATMAT practitioner or another health care provider)
  9. If an IUD is present.
  10. 5 days prior to and during your menstrual bleeding, do not massage deeply into uterus. It is okay to lightly (feather light) stroke over the uterus (lower abdomen massage) during your period as it may help relieve cramps.
  11. Hiatal Hernia/GERD (Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease) – light work only
  12. Hernia repair with mesh – light work only

For BENEFITS: Click Here.

 If you do your self-care, you will feel healthier, happier, balanced and more connected to your body and uterus.  And on behalf of all my fellow uteri, I thank you for taking care of me! ~ Uta

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